About Us

I was born in a happy city, Barranquilla - Colombia, in a humble home.
When I was 18 years old, I started working in a clothing store wanting to help my parents and not being a burden for them. 
With the purpose of obtaining a better job, I went to  school to be an accounting assistant, that's how I worked as an office assistant.  Later, I decided to go to college at night time  while working during the day and get a degree on  Business Administration.
While studying I understood that this profession was to train entrepreneurs, but in my country  it is  very difficult start my own business, even so I decided to continue until I graduate.
Seeking to achieve my dream and have a better quality of life and for me and  for my family, we decided to immigrate to the U.S.A.
When I learned how to have my own company online, I had the vision to achieve my dream and this opportunity became a challenge for me.
As a believer in Christ I took a step of faith trusting in his promise: " Be strong and be brave that I will be with you" Joshua 1:9